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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Embracing the New Year

Dear Friends -

What a year 2016 has been. While many of us here in the USA are concerned for the future of our country, humanity, and mother earth -- all of which we love dearly, life does in fact go on (at least for the time being) and, that being the case, there is music to be made!

For those in the Monterey Bay area, Penny will be ringing in the new year performing on viola da gamba with the Cherry Trio for their annual New Year's concert at the Cherry Center in Carmel. This year's theme is "Mince Pies and Panettone" featuring an assortment of English and Italian styles from the 17th century including tasty tunes from Jenkins, Hume, Lawes, Marini, and Vitali:

Click here for details.

For those more distant, we have recorded a brand new tune for your listening enjoyment. This comes out of a recent annual family tradition where Slim (because he's such a cheapskate) writes a love song or two on the occasion of Penny's birthday (in lieu of diamonds, pearls, or other earthly gifts). This one is called "No Greater Thrill" and also features the debut of Slim on pedal steel guitar:

Listen to it here.

Finally, in case you missed it, we released our new album "Procrastination" this year, which we are very proud of. There are multiple ways you can hear it, some of them free of charge or advertising:

The online player is at the bottom of the page here.

And special for you, our friends, here's a link to a free download of the entire album (not advertised elsewhere):

Physical CD ($10) or paid download ($5) via CDBaby:

You can also just search for "Slide Man Slim & Penny Hanna" on any of the popular streaming or download services including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, etc....

Hoping you all have a good year ahead, filled with love, peace, kindness, and compassion for our mother earth, and even for the messy humans that inhabit it ;-).

- Penny & Slim.

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