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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year and a New Tune

Looking Back on 2018

Putting all the depressing and disappointing issues of the day to the side, Penny and I had a wonderful 2018, enjoying both work and play (sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference!) as we celebrate 45 years of partnership. It has been and continues to be a sweet ride and for that we are eternally grateful for our luck in life.


As per our usual routine, we’re back in the project studio this winter and have just completed one of the tunes we’ve been working on. I wrote this harmonica instrumental on the occasion of my 64th birthday but was having difficulty coming up with the title so Penny suggested calling it “64” which (if I remember correctly from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) is not the answer to life, the universe, and everything. But neither is this difficult-to-categorize tune (misses the mark by exactly 22), so yeah, perfect title.

Looking Ahead

Here’s to a new year where humankind will hopefully solve at least a few of the difficult problems ahead, and wishing you all a healthy, happy, and productive 2019!

- Slim

All our published recordings can be heard at, and our 2 CDs are on all the popular streaming services.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Birthday Sessions

We were all smiles when Penny joined the band. Oso Family gig somewhere in northern California, 1973. L - R: Marty Obin, Penny Hanna, Carl Creeger

New Recordings

As we get older, we seem to get better at reminiscing, or at least we spend more time dong it. That would explain why lately, every year when October rolls around, Slim enjoys crafting a new love song for Penny's birthday and more often than not, these tunes tend to be looking back at how we ended up sharing this life together.

An ongoing studio project finds us recording these tunes and as of today, we have five of them up on the site for your listening entertainment. As usual, the tunes feature Penny on bass (except for the one where she plays clarinet) and Slim on guitar and chromatic harmonica, but now he's added lap and pedal steel guitars to the mix (and vocals).

You can hear or download these new tunes here  (see "The Birthday Sessions" player).

Other Stuff

Life goes on even in the strangest of times...

Penny's been busy doing classical gigs as well as playing alto sax with the Cabrillo College Jazz Ensemble (see upcoming gigs) and directing the choir at the local Stroke Center.

Slim continues to write code at his day gig and focus on music the rest of the time (which currently involves a lot of quality time with his new Williams U12 pedal steel guitar).

In these respects, life is good!

To all our friends: Be well, enjoy life, and stay active.

- Penny & Slim, February 2018

Sunday, May 21, 2017

As Time Flies By...

If you're anything like us, you find yourself living in "interesting" times about now, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the craziness as each day unfurls its madness. But music helps to keep us grounded and just sane enough to carry on, which brings us to our recent activities in that space:

We've been doing some more recording in our project studio and should have some new tunes to post online over the summer. Meanwhile, Penny's been busy working up solo viola da gamba repertoire (video below) while continuing to play alto sax with the the Cabrillo College jazz ensemble and directing the choir at the Stroke Center there. And Slim's been spending a fair amount of time getting acquainted with his pedal steel guitar.

On Memorial Day weekend, we begin our eleventh season playing  at Seacliff State Beach (Aptos, CA)  on Saturdays from 12 - 2pm through Labor Day weekend (details are here).

And here's a special treat, recorded live at the Santa Cruz Public Library's "Munching with Mozart & Friends" series last month, an excerpt from Penny's solo viola da gamba performance. It's "Partita Solo XII" by August K├╝hnel (1645 - c.1700):

And, in case you missed it, our latest CD "Procrastination" can be streamed for free directly from our website:

The online player is at the bottom of the page here.

And special for you, our friends, here's a link to a free download of the entire album (not advertised elsewhere):

You can also just search for "Slide Man Slim & Penny Hanna" on any of the popular streaming or download services including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, etc....

Physical CDs are available for only $10 via CDBaby:

Have a fun (and musical) summer, but do pay attention to that other stuff -- could be important ;-).

Wishing you our best,

Penny & Slim

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Embracing the New Year

Dear Friends -

What a year 2016 has been. While many of us here in the USA are concerned for the future of our country, humanity, and mother earth -- all of which we love dearly, life does in fact go on (at least for the time being) and, that being the case, there is music to be made!

For those in the Monterey Bay area, Penny will be ringing in the new year performing on viola da gamba with the Cherry Trio for their annual New Year's concert at the Cherry Center in Carmel. This year's theme is "Mince Pies and Panettone" featuring an assortment of English and Italian styles from the 17th century including tasty tunes from Jenkins, Hume, Lawes, Marini, and Vitali:

Click here for details.

For those more distant, we have recorded a brand new tune for your listening enjoyment. This comes out of a recent annual family tradition where Slim (because he's such a cheapskate) writes a love song or two on the occasion of Penny's birthday (in lieu of diamonds, pearls, or other earthly gifts). This one is called "No Greater Thrill" and also features the debut of Slim on pedal steel guitar:

Listen to it here.

Finally, in case you missed it, we released our new album "Procrastination" this year, which we are very proud of. There are multiple ways you can hear it, some of them free of charge or advertising:

The online player is at the bottom of the page here.

And special for you, our friends, here's a link to a free download of the entire album (not advertised elsewhere):

Physical CD ($10) or paid download ($5) via CDBaby:

You can also just search for "Slide Man Slim & Penny Hanna" on any of the popular streaming or download services including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, etc....

Hoping you all have a good year ahead, filled with love, peace, kindness, and compassion for our mother earth, and even for the messy humans that inhabit it ;-).

- Penny & Slim.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Our new CD has arrived!

Hi Folks -

Summer is just around the corner and as usual for this time of year, we have a bit of news to share.

Unfortunately, for the first time in 10 years, we don't have our usual gigs scheduled for this summer due to circumstances beyond our control. The Seascape Village Farmers Market is not happening this year and the Beach Shack at Seacliff State Beach is in transition to new management, so that gig is on hold for the time being.

On a much more positive note, our new CD "Procrastination" has arrived and you can listen to it in its entirety on our website free of charge. It's also for sale on CDBaby and will soon be available on iTunes as well as all the popular streaming services.

To listen to it and to read all about it (including what other folks are saying about it), just go to our website here.

We hope you are all well and enjoying the longer days as much as we are!

 Slim & Penny

Friday, October 16, 2015

Smoke on the Land

Hi Folks -

A quick update on our musical adventures…

We have a new free web single available to stream or download. Penny wrote and arranged this tune and it was featured on her 1988 album "Often Running". This is a new instrumental version based on her original arrangement. The lyrics (not heard here) are a biting commentary on Reagan's Iran Contra war (e.g. "For every child in the barrio, a pound of pain in lethal aid, from our unholy crusade."). Here, we focus on the musical brilliance and beauty behind "Smoke on the Land”.

This Sunday (October 18, 2015) will be our last Slide Man Slim & Penny Hanna gig of the season, closing out our annual summer stint at the Seascape Village Certified Farmers Market in Aptos, CA. We always have a great time playing there and, well, the more the merrier, so please stop by if you’re in the area and shop, dine, and/or just hang and enjoy the music. The fun goes from 11am to 2pm and details are here.

This winter we hope to finish off a few more tunes that we’ve been working on in the studio and maybe even release a new album next summer (if life doesn’t get in the way too much). It’s what I call a soft goal — don’t want to rush it or anything (our last album was released in 2007).

For your amusement, check out our newish website — lots more music and commentary sprinkled around these pages:

Finally, on behalf of Penny and myself, please have a wonderful autumn!

- Slim.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Website! New Recording! Summer Dates!

Hi Folks -

Hope this finds you all happy and well!

As we pull into the summer months, we have a few things to announce:

We finally had the opportunity this winter to spend some quality time in the project studio and will be posting the results on our new website as we finalize the mixes, with some or all of these cuts possibly ending up on a new album some day (hope that's vague enough). First up is one of Slim's tunes "When I Am Dreaming". Not going to say much about this cut other than we haven't recorded with this particular vocalist in a very long time (circa 1980).

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and, as usual, it marks the beginning of our weekend apperances at Seacliff State Beach (Saturdays 12 - 2pm) and the Seascape Village Certified Farmers Market (Sundays 11am - 2pm). Details are here:

Yes, we have a glorious new website with all new content including three multimedia stories about how we stumbled our way to non-fame and non-fortune while enjoying ourselves immensely every step of the way (see the "about" pages). Note that and now both redirect to the new site:


Penny & Slim